God is Greater

In the midst of life’s challenging circumstances we often lose sight of the greatness of God. When we see God as NOT BIG ENOUGH we struggle to trust him stand in faith. God is greater than whatever we face. Be encouraged to take God at his word and believe that his greatness is available for you today.

How Do I Pray For Those I Love?

Prayer is foundational to our relationship with God. the truth is that many of us are not confident in how to pray and we wonder if we are doing it the right way. This series answers real questions about prayer so we can grow in prayer and our relationship with God.

Ep 19: RELATIONSHIP Purity and Intimacy

Be encouraged about God’s desire for RELATIONSHIP with you. Relationships are His plan and it has always been his plan from the beginning. The 10 commandments were given to foster greater relationship with God. today’s relational value is Purity and Intimacy.

Ep 13: The Personal and Powerful Work of the Holy Spirit

(Recorded 5-14-2017)

Ep 12: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Recorded 04/09/2017

Ep 11: Blessed are the Merciful

Recorded 03/05/2017

Ep 10: Building a Strong Family Bond Moment by Moment

(Recorded – 12/04/2016)

Ep 8: Mother’s Day – 2016

Recorded at Neighborhood Church 5/8/2016

Ep 7: Abigal

Kim speaks on the life and impact of Abigal.

(Recorded a Phoenix Calvary Temple)