Ep 3: 5 Things I Learned About God from Raising Taylor

Kim reflects on 5 things that she learned about God while raising Taylor.

(Recorded at Carlsbad Christian Assembly, Mothers Day 2010).

Ep 4: Parenting Series – Part 1

Part 1 of Kim’s Parenting series.

(Recorded at Phoenix Calvary Temple)

Ep 2: 5 Things I learned about God from Raising Mychal

Kim speaks at Phoenix Calvary Temple for Mothers Day as her eldest son, Mychal is about to head off to college.

(Recorded at Phoenix Calvary Temple, May 2007)

Ep 1 – Peninsula Christian Center Mothers Day 5-12-13

Kim Clements shares from her own life experience as a mother the value of implementing Deuteronomy 11:18-20 in your everyday life of raising children and intentionally leading others through relationships. (Recorded at Peninsula Christian Center of Pacific Grove 5/12/13)