Wedding Moments

This attempt at writing is sometimes overwhelming, to capture a significant event in a way that truly tells the story can be intimidating. I needed rest and time to consider it but it came to me this morning to write about last Saturday in the way it happened, in Moments…snapshots of relationship and connection happening all at once.

That first waking thought as I realize what day this is then thinking about the DRESS and the accessories and the shoes…oh the shoes:)
Off to Janet’s to get my hair assembled by an expert…the warmth, love and conversation of being with someone you have know a long time but rarely see and realizing that solid foundational relationship transcends time and distance and then reliving that experience all day long over and over again with so many familiar faces.
We arrived at the church to find the groom and his posse taking pictures together and I started to take pictures but decided not to…I wanted to live in this moment and take pictures for my heart and let the professional take care of the wedding photos.
Watching our parents…the grandparents visiting in the lobby waiting for their turn to walk down the aisle and take their honored position…grateful that they enjoy each other…grateful that they are still here for this day.
Hugging the necks of those I have not seen in so long and so grateful to chat for a second before they must find their seats in the church this collection of people who came to celebrate with us…like flowers in a bouquet…individually unique and completely beautiful as a whole.
And then there they were my sons they took my breath away…life in it’s fullest form was coming at me…laughter and beauty…young men of tremendous character and yet fully mischievous and playful as they approach me. They are the best part of this life. I have no regrets about the difficult choices I made so they could be fully who they are in this moment…they are whole…untainted by all they have seen and experienced trudging this road with us.
Walking with my son down the aisle I simply do not have vocabulary to describe this moment.
And then there he is the Pastor Dad…Silver hair, Cary Grant black framed glasses, black tux and I feel romance and lust all at once and I think how is it this man can still make me feel this way after 26 years of knowing him best and most…how is it I can never get enough of everything that makes him so precisely him.
The grand and glorious sound of that Organ as Allison escorted by her father lights up the room with that incredible smile and adorable dimples…she is quite simply perfect.
The Batman impersonation of Paul’s command for husband’s to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands…as Mychal’s shoulders shake with laughter and the congregation giggles:)
Ava Lou Fortik twirling and dancing as only a little girl can…
The Lowell boys reuniting with the Oregon Clements kids…
The children’s table where the kids had such a fun time, coloring on the page made just for them with Allison and Mychal as super hero’s and people trying so hard to sneak candy from the favor table before it is time.
The picture of Mychal and Allison surrounded by the 6 other couples whose weddings Tim officiated, listening to them banter about how long they had been married and how personal, romantic and unique their ceremony was.
Watching Tim talking with all those people he has pastored at one time or another…enjoying them and sharing with them in the same compassionate and teasing manner that makes him so great at loving people.
Mychal and Allison as they danced…the sacrifice of love this was for my son…the kid who does not enjoy public attention especially when it is filled with emotion and completely social in nature…but for his bride he will give her this gift because it matters to her. And my heart sings at his choice to love her in this way.
The roses presented to the Moms by the Bride and Groom and smiling at Jennifer and Michelle as they give me the thumbs up sign because they know how much this means to me…girlfriends are like that..they get it
Shane leaving with buckets of gifts from the kids table for his children…and telling me that Christmas is covered:)

And then all of a sudden we are assembling at the bottom of the stairs to say goodbye…to blow bubbles…to think of the life that lays ahead of them…to relish the Love and Joy that each guest wishes for this couple as they begin this journey together. And I think back to the many times I rocked this child in my arms and thought of this day and what it would be like…and it was everything I imagined and so much more:)

myke and allison