WORDS, they come almost daily in phone calls, text messages, email and FB posts.
The frequency is in itself comforting but it is the “daily manna”
that they contain that elevates the mind and feeds the spirit.

Caring words…Faith filled words…Supportive words…Powerful words…Compassionate words…
Prophetic words…Love soaked words…scriptural words…Comforting words…Bold and courageous words…
Generous words…Declarative words…Hopeful words.And questions…tender, tentative questions so that the darkness in a heart can be coaxed to come out to the light so that the confusion cannot terrify or betray the truth that is known. God is and will continue to be in control of the story regardless of the outcome.

I am reminded of the scene from The Bear where the baby bear orphaned and alone is being chased by a Mountain Lion. He runs and tries to hide and finally confronted by the rushing river and no escape he turns and with all his might he roars at the Mountain Lion but the sound you hear is not that of the small bear but that of the full grown grizzly that has stepped into the picture right behind the little bear. And the Mountain Lion retreats because while he could easily take the small bear he is no match for the enormous grizzly.

Family, Friends and Christ Followers from everywhere have become for us that giant grizzly standing tall and big right behind us to growl at the enemy. The evil one is like the Mountain Lion…he hunts…he pursues…he is relentless because he only has one plan for us and that is our total destruction and he never changes his plan…ever. He also uses minions in human form. How can that be? When we leave wounds unattended, debts unsettled, unforgiveness uncontested…that is the door he uses to gain access to us and instead of Words being “manna” they become the very tools that feed the Mountain Lion as he seeks his prey.
There are days in this journey when the evil one and his minions have chased and hunted me and I am weary and my growl of faith is pitiful and small but when I open my mouth expecting a squeak a mighty rousing growl fills the air…Words from God’s peopleStrong and Powerful from those who stand in the gap with their weapons of words…life giving words! Scripture assures us that “The tongue has the power of life and death” Proverbs 18:21

I have been ministered to, upheld, encouraged and felt the grace to rest in His timing and His will by your words…His power on your tongue as you have spoken His authority over us. It is still the middle of the story with rising action swirling all around us and the enemy of our soul would have us loose heart but he does not stand a chance against the rising crescendo of Words that contain the faith and hope that you continue to provide for us.

It is seems such a simple thing to write a note or speak a word of hope but it’s effect is not simple it is profound and eternal. Just as in the same way reckless words can destroy and tear down…wise words give life and courage.Our words anointed by His touch and His timing can be the very sustenance a broken heart needs…they are in fact an extension of His heart to a world that needs healing.

In Proverbs 12:18 it says
“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing”Today as you go about your day use your words to bring healing, you never know who the brokenhearted in your world might be and the difference it could make. I know this I could never have stood to face the mountain Lion of my soul alone in these last few months without the mighty growl of the grizzly that is comprised of those who know us and love us best.